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Mukuro's darn tricky. SLIPPERY LIKE AN EEL. I overthink it, but I'm bound to take a wrong turn. Please crit the hell out of me. I love crit. I want it. I expect it, because of the popularity of the canon and character. (Does everybody play Mukuro? S-sob.) Say whatever the heck you want.

ANON ENABLED, SCREENED, IP address logging off.

aim; let me scuttle (PRIVATE; i must add you)
email; saving.toads.for.the.french [@] gmail [.] com
plurk; scuttles
lj messaging; yes plz
timezone; pst
fourthwalling; GO AHEAD

I am up for many, many things. Just ask. Also inquire if you're looking for a little trouble of the illusionist/body-possessing variety.

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